Pastor’s Journal

Below are dated entries revealing a mind and heart seeking to know the mystery of Yahweh Elohim (LORD God) . . .

Note: I am reversing the entries to have the most recent dates at the top and not at the bottom of the stream. Previous entries will be brought up as I am able.


March 12, 2023: The whole Glover family here (Stephen, Laura, and Ethan) continue to grow together in the way of our great friend, Yeshua Messiah. I realized how important it is to use the time in the afternoon to provide mentoring opportunities for the children. They need to learn the basic skills of living from me at least equal to the importance of reading, writing, and arithmetic (etc.). It has also occurred to me that Yahweh could also provide a helper for me in these days just as He generously brought Tracy and me together in earlier times. I pray for His kingdom to come . . . and His will to be done on this earth even as it is being done in heaven.

January 30, 2023: The journey continues with victories still to be achieved. I am continually encouraged by the precious saints that pull together with me in the yoke of Jesus Christ. He is truly doing a marvelous work and wonder. The past is just that, past, and today is the beginning of the future leading to eternal life. I really want to learn how to follow the holy spirit in praising Him in new and exciting ways. Hallelujah!


January 21, 2023: I am embarking on a forty-day journey seeking greater spiritual insight into the mind of Christ and His will for the finishing of our Father’s works. During this time of being consecrated, it is my sacred promise to reject those fleshly habits that defile the body, mind, and spirit. I am beginning this evening and will not cease from putting to death the body’s impulses and inclinations until victory can be declared. Praise and glory to Yah!


January 4, 2023

Ambassador College Envoy ’87 40th Anniversary Edition: “Where There Is Vision . . . it is planned for Mr. Dillon to be at Columbia University in New York, taking the summer session in advanced educational research, making final plans, for curriculum, schedules, etc. under the technical guidance of the Columbia experts. While AMBASSADOR COLLEGE will be utterly different in purpose, in objectives, in its basic concept, etc., yet it will employ the most advanced of established methods of administration, adapting these procedures of educational experience of our basic purposes. And the standards are to be the HIGHEST in every respect.” “Without exaggeration I can say flatly no college campus in America will be more beautiful, and very few if any as lovely as this that God has provided for His college.” “At every step we see God’s hands in this remarkable undertaking.”

January 2, 2023

Ambassador College Envoy ’87 40th Anniversary Edition: “Where There Is Vision . . . We are planning for bigger things, and the foundation must be firm, and pure, and right . . . As most colleges claim to train students for their part in the world, AMBASSADOR COLLEGE has a diametrically opposite purpose. It is to teach students how to come OUT of this world and be separate – to live by every Word of God, instead of the ways and customs of the world – and yet, while not being OF this world, but rather as strangers and foreigners in it we shall train them to be in it purely as AMBASSADORS for CHRIST. We hope, therefore, to train every student to be and AMBASSADOR for Christ and His coming KINGDOM, which we represent.”

January 1, 2023

The spirit of the LORD is evidently at work among those who have refused to bow to Baal and to kiss his image. I witnessed this life among the brethren gathered in Dallas, Georgia for the Unity of the Spirit Conference. Thanks again to Lemie McGarity and all those who serve God’s children with these conferences. It was a source of great joy to reconnect with some students from Ambassador College who have remained faithful for these many years. We are planning to remain in regular fellowship and to pray for the works being done by each one in these last days. I also met a devoted ambassador named Gabriella and am praying for God’s will and work for the days ahead to be revealed in her life. Hallelujah!

I seek prayers for works of service being gifted through the indwelling presence of Jesus Christ . . . Yeshua! Please remember me in your prayers for the renewal of a great zeal for the Father’s house of prayers. I desire my life to be a living sacrifice to the glory of the almighty One! Hallelujah!

December 4, 2022

The clear and active working of God’s spirit is the source of abundant joy among the brother and sisters of all ages here in Living God Ministries. Everybody in Montgomery witnessed a glorious Sabbath filled with laughter and spiritual fellowship from beginning to end. Melanie Schlievert was here for the whole day and appeared to enjoy the interactions greatly, particularly those with Alyssa and Leah Crowe. We missed the contribution of Connie and Martha as well as John Thompson. I also met in the evening with Whit and Laura to discuss plans for upcoming fellowship with Melvin and Angelia Huntley of the Church of God International group in Montgomery. We are all eager to continually strengthen the love, faith, and hope that unites us as one great family of Yahweh Elohim.

Here are the proposed plans for December 24th & 25th:

November 19, 2021

A Bible tale . . . The world and our nation continue to rush toward the calamitous precipice that lawlessness leads people over. I told a story in the past about two brothers trying to escape the hopeless circumstances in their community. The older brother drags his feet while the younger brother is optimistic because of the stories told them by their deceased parents. These stories came from an old book (the Bible) and told of a fabulous kingdom where they would find peace and a chance to lead truly prosperous lives. The younger brother believes in its existence, while the older brother just thinks it is all a fairy tale intended to make life a little more bearable.

Shortly after undertaking the journey on the main road leading out of their town, they encounter a juncture in the road. The main road turns slightly to the left, but on the right hand is a very small pathway that leads up into the hills. While the older brother naturally heads down the main road, his little brother hesitates while looking intently at the smaller way. He is remembering something from the old book that makes him believe that it is the narrow trail that leads to their destination. Calling on his brother to halt, he makes his appeal to take the right fork in the road, but his big brother only laughs and says that if he wants to go that way he can go all alone. Then turning abruptly forward he heads down the main road. Tempted to follow as he has always done, the younger brother stands undecided for a moment until a wave of assurance washes over him and he turns up toward the hills on the smaller track.

A Bible tale . . . I will resume my story with the younger brother traveling upward on the small trail apart from his brother for the first time in his life. Yes, the going was indeed challenging. Before long his brow became beaded with sweat and there were some times when he had to carefully examine the way forward to keep from wandering away from the trail. However, the exercise soon had his blood moving briskly with his pace, and his head was clearing of the fog of doubt and discouragement that he had labored under for longer than he could remember. There was also the unmistakable belief and growing conviction that his decision to take this way had been sound. In a short while he also heard the sound of human voices and coming around a turn in the path he came upon a small group of people standing and sitting in the grass while chatting gaily together. For just a second, at his sudden appearance, the conversation stopped as the stranger looked over the strangers, who were also peering at him through widened eyes. His arrival had unexpectedly interrupted their opinion that they were the only ones around that place. Then in an explosion of excited greetings supported by beaming faces the young man found himself welcomed and being encouraged to join them in the journey. Such guileless love was surely a welcome solace to an aching and lonely heart.

Their brief rest was ended with the resumption of the journey up the path, which had to be trekked single file. Regardless, the friendly banter continued unabated over shoulders and the wild creatures around them paused to give special attention to this noisy band that had temporarily disturbing the relative quiet of the mountain fastness. Uncounted numbers of unseen eyes followed their progress with keen interest until they had passed from sight and hearing and everything was returned to its former state.

A Bible tale . . . Now that the favorable circumstances of the younger brother have been established, let’s check on the progress of his elder sibling. The path he was traveling was indeed easy, for a time, and this caused a smile to play upon his lips as he considered the prospect of his little brother catching up breathlessly and chagrined that he had foolishly chosen the wrong way. While this satisfying thought was playing in his thoughts, he rounded a turn to be confronted by a section of the road that was replaced by a rather steep and wide decline where water was running down the slope over a course of jumbled rocks. Clearly on the far side of the obstacle he could see the good road resume and proceed out of his sight. Picking his way gingerly forward this brother soon discovered that the regular flow of water down the rock slide had fostered the growth of prolific mosses on the rocks which rendered them slippery in the extreme. Even taking the utmost care in crossing, it was not long before an unexpected slip brought him crashing down to bruise both leg and hip painfully. This, added to the wetting he received from the freshet, left him hobbling along while shivering with the sudden cold. Sadly, this was not the only mishap and when the brother finally clambered out onto the far side he was a sad and dejected shadow of the blithe youth who had ventured to cross the impasse. Lying on the ground miserably, the eldest of the brothers was tempted for the first time to question the wisdom of his choice; however, pride would not permit him to accept that perhaps he was the one who had chosen wrong. So, after a short period of rest, his stiffly climbed to his feet and with renewed resolve he doggedly set out upon his chosen way.

A Bible tale . . . Again, we shift the scene to a mountain track with an animated group of people traveling as one body. Our favorite brother–admit it you were eager to find out about his progress, too–is enjoying the exhilarating feeling of taking large drafts of cool air into his lungs and expelling them with a whoosh. Already it seemed as though he had traveled with his newfound friends for a much longer time, but occasional recollections would reveal again the surprising truth that they had only met a short time before. Then that thought would be completely overwhelmed and banished by the renewed awareness of the beauty of his surroundings and the pleasant banter of hearts just as full as his own.

A sudden pause in the forward momentum of the back in front of him, brought the young man to a halt while his eyes and ears searched for the reason behind this unexpected stop. As those in the rear carefully moved up alongside those at the front, a spectacle materialized and grew into a rather daunting obstacle blocking the way ahead. The small trail they were following disappeared entirely at the base of a steep cliff face of about twenty-five feet in height. It took only a quick glance to either side to realize that they would have to somehow climb to the top or turn around and go back the way they had come. Immediately, all heads were engaged in energetically devising a way to defeat this seemingly impossible foe, and in a very short time the hearty assents of the entire group gave voice to the unflagging optimism flowing from person-to-person like an electric current.

At the base of the cliff the five strongest men took a stand side-by-side with their arms resting on and holding on to the shoulders of the men at their side. Once this substantial initial rung was in place next to the cliff face, the next four men helped each other climb up onto their shoulders until the last and most agile member completed the second rung of this living ladder. Three of the smaller people climbed as gingerly as possible to the shoulders of the ones supporting them, followed by two light members of the party who were the fourth rung of the makeshift ladder. It was the one we call the younger brother who had been chosen to climb up last and broach the top of the cliff with a coiled rope around his own shoulder. Clambering over the grunting and gasping supports he carefully ascended the cliff and it was with a sense of real accomplishment that the hand feeling around the top of the cliff edge grasped a root, and he swiftly hauled himself over onto the narrow grass-covered ledge. Flushed with their united success, the youth searched for and found a well-rooted tree to secure the rope around and carefully lowered the end down to his waiting friends. Even though it took some time for each one to climb the rope or be pulled up to the ledge, the assurance of success made it seem of no consequence. Hugging, panting, and laughing they all savored this moment of incredible achievement shared in equally by them all.

A brief moment of well-earned rest, and they once more embarked on their journey along the path that mysteriously reappeared and beckoned them onward. Each one wondered what other challenges might appear along their way, but working together they had come to believe that they could do anything . . . ANYTHING!

A Bible tale . . . Wincing occasionally with each fresh stab of pain, our determined older sibling had been indeed pressing doggedly onward. After a period of uninterrupted progress some of his aforementioned cockiness began to seep back into him with the returning warmth of the sun as his clothes dried from their recent wetting. It seemed, to his way of thinking, that it was only right to expect that there would be some difficulties along his chosen way. He then contemplated with satisfaction the even greater obstacles that must even now be defeating his little brother and turning him back from the folly of choosing to follow a miserable goat path through the mountains. A self-satisfied chuckle escaping his throat was cut short as his surprised vision took in a great narrowing of his own path as it wound around a steep and sandy hillside. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been so quick to joyfully describe his brother’s way through the mountains as a goat path. He would need to watch his own steps very carefully if he wanted to avoid an abrupt and rough tumble down the side of the hill. Picking his footing cautiously the older brother tentatively moved ahead. Something about the road he was treading made him think of a tightrope walker he had seen at a circus during a happier time in his youth. With a tinge of melancholy he wondered if his brother would remember being there as well. Tears briefly sprang into his eyes as he took the next step and as his foot settled near the edge of the pathway he sensed the sickening feeling of the ground crumbling and collapsing away from him. Sliding and sometimes rolling the young man careened down the incline endlessly, it seemed, until his movement was arrested by the claws of a hundred wildcats. Well, not wildcats exactly, it was instead a thick growth of thorny vines that filled the narrow defile into which he had tumbled headlong. I will not attempt to convey the abject misery and suffering he endured dragging himself out of that tangled mass of thick vines ripping and tearing at his clothing and his exposed flesh. By the time he had laboriously climbed back up to the relative safety of the path, his fingers were raw from digging into the sandy dirt and his toes were aching from clinging desperately to the scant declivities in the surface of the hillside. Gasping for each lungful of air, he crawled on his belly for the last one hundred feet to the place where the good trail resumed. Certainly, there was now no possibility of going back since the very idea of returning across the hillside filled him with terror. Yet, even now the multitude of bleeding scratches covering his entire body caused him to doubt whether he could even go ahead on the improved path. It was the realization that he could die there that steeled him to endure the agony of moving his angry flesh again in order to stumble down the way before him.

A Bible tale . . . The summit of the mountain range was reached and surpassed by our intrepid travelers. To be sure, there were often situation that required resourcefulness and good old fashioned sweat to surmount, but nothing proved implacable in resisting their combined might and indefatigable spirit. The descent presented its own share of challenges, nevertheless, rapid progress was made and before long they began to see in the distance a verdant valley of enormous breadth that continued over the distant horizon. When passing through the alpine forests and meadows they would come upon the woodcutters and goat herders who lived in these uplands. The reception was always the same as they were greeted by shouts of welcome and the encouraging news that they would soon pass into the lowlands where a good road led to the chief city of their region. It was also heartening to learn that the king who ruled there was always eager to meet all the new arrivals and to help them get settled in this new country they had struggled so long to reach. The laws of the land were always explained in detail, they learned from eager sharers, who did not seem the least bit subdued or oppressed by the fact that this was no lawless haunt of outlaws and villains. Our friend, the youngest brother, began to actually recall some of the very fair and just laws he remembered his parents reading to him from the Bible that always remained ready to the hand in their home. There was one story in particular that had been especially interesting about a very wise king who had settled a dispute between two women about a little baby. Everybody was surprised when the ruler said that the baby should be cut in two and one half be given to each of the women. Oh, how the grand men and ladies had all marveled when the true mother revealed herself by offering to give up her claim so the baby could live. Without a moment’s hesitation the young king announced that the whole baby belonged in her care and must be spared. Coming out of his reverie the brother rejoice with his companions as they left the wooded area and entered the sea of rolling swells of grass stretching out like a vivid sea. The road was quickly discovered and though is was not broad and wide the evidence of great care in keeping it ready for use was evident.

November 7, 2021

Marcus Brown led the meeting about the work in Kilgoris, Kenya. He said that it is encouraging to see that they are “gaining ground,” even if ever so patiently. Improved communication is key to success and the English Club has helped greatly in this regard. There are also plans to include regular interactions between the Lydians and the Children of the Prophets on each Sabbath. The fellowship will be at 9:30 a.m. (central time), which is 5:30 p.m. (Kenya time). For the Lydians the facilitators will be Esther Glover and Mechelle Brown along with the helpful support of Madame Pauline in Kilgoris every first and third Sabbath of the month. For the Children of the Prophets the facilitators will be Marcus Brown and Stephen Glover along with the helpful support of Pastor Moses in Kilgoris every second, fourth, and fifth Sabbath of the month. Here are some other initiatives for Kilgoris:

1. Proposing a date for the next annual conference.

2. Having a “vision board” to keep the big picture in front of all the people.

3. Planning a website with links to send 5-minute messages daily.

4. Obtaining commitments for the funding of the toilets ($5,000.00).

5. Instruct Moses and the brethren in the stewardship needed to have a monthly

budget for the school of 40,000 Kenya shillings.

March 17, 2021

Abba is ever watchful and faithful in the loving care He lavishes on His children. Tracy and I are so very thankful for the many assurances of prayers and interventions going to the throne room in the heavens on our behalf. Since she has come home from the hospital in Birmingham, Tracy’s strength has improved enough for her to embark on the physical treatment of the cancer. This in no way implies that this enemy within has not been suffering under a withering assault both humanly and spiritually. Our primary concern each day is for the Heavenly Healer to receive all the glory and praises for this blessed chapter in our life. As Tracy would remark, the table laden with spiritual provision has been spread before us in the presence of our enemies. Our cup is continually running over with joy and thanksgiving for His eternal kingdom that “was, and is, and is to come!” Hallelujah! and love to each and every member of our precious family in the faith of Jesus Christ!

February 23, 2021

Hard to believe 19 days have passed already, except these included a trip to the cancer center here in Montgomery and an extended visit at the UAB hospital. Tracy and I are home again and trying daily to work out the proper diet to get some weight back on her and increase her strength and stamina. It is a day-by-day effort with some days better than others. Thanks to our heavenly Father and His Son responding to all the prayers and comforts we are rejoicing in daily! Hallelujah!

February 4, 2021

Not one of Tracy’s better days. Her condition seems to be similar to pancreatitis and eating anything is an exercise in determination because of the discomfort. The indigestion and nausea are just waiting to rear their ugly heads. We need to get enough calories in Tracy to stop the rapid drop in her weight, which is making it harder for her to get out of bed since there are not enough fat stores to even pad her organs. She is also in need of more strength for the procedures ahead of her. Thanks for your loving faithfulness in praying and helping Tracy and all of us.

February 3, 2021

Tracy’s consultation at UAB went well and a laparoscopic exploration is scheduled for Friday, February 12th, to find out whether there is any spread of the cancer from the tumor on the pancreas. A surgery to remove the cancer and all affected areas would be the next step along with chemotherapy to destroy any scattered cancerous cells. Please pray for Tracy’s digestion and absorption of the nutrient she is eating as she is now down to just 97 pounds. She will need the strength to endure any further treatment.

February 1, 2021

Tracy and I will be going to Birmingham in the morning after I conclude my part in the Kilgoris 2021 Leaders Conference. We are very grateful to Nancy and Randy for keeping the grandchildren, and to all the brethren who have been so very helpful and supportive. May the glorious will and purpose of the Most High God be fulfilled! Hallelujah!

January 21, 2021

Megan and her two friends (Alejandra & Rosario) are headed back to California after a very fun but speedy visit. Right now they are in the den with Laura and Ethan cackling like crazed chickens and having a great time. Hoping and praying for God ‘s protection and blessings on them in the days ahead.

January 20, 2021

Tracy is home! However, this does not mean that she is beyond the difficult walk of physical weakness, nausea, and indigestion. She is working hard to get out of the bed and move around the house doing small tasks that are within her ability at this time. Clearly, she will have to build up her strength after a week-long stay in the hospital. Tracy is also going to be speaking with an oncologist about the treatment options available to her. We continue to pray for God’s powerful healing of the cancer, and thank you all for your love and support in this part of our journey. We love you all and praise the Father for His incredible family!

January 17, 2021

As the inauguration of a new president over the executive branch of the United States of America approaches, there were a number of devout followers of Jesus Christ who joined together in fasting and praying for God’s mercy and guidance through what may prove to be more turbulent times. The sixty-four million dollar question has to do with whether or not they were all praying in agreement. After all, that is the way the scriptures reveal those praying can be assured of receiving the results they are requesting (Matthew 18:18-20).

My impression is that some are praying that there will be a smooth and peaceful transfer of power from one administration to another. Then there are those who are praying that God might stymie the more radical objectives of those taking up the reins of power in the government. We certainly can’t leave out those who continue to pray that by some miraculous “hail Mary” the current president will turn the tide and remain in office for an additional term. These petitions do share a common theme, which is that they are all motivated by a desire to avoid suffering and to resume a lifestyle that is prosperous and considered to be a birthright of all American-born citizens.

I wonder how many actually prayed for the strength to loudly proclaim the impending judgment on a godless nation that is daily digging itself deeper into the morass of licentiousness and lawlessness. As Jonah was sent to Nineveh to announce its imminent doom, so the modern spiritual prophets of the Most High have a commission to warn all the nations of the catastrophe that is preparing to tear apart all worldly kingdoms. The sword is coming and all those who utter the warning cry will be innocent of the blood of those who refuse to listen. However, those who refuse to shout the warning will be held responsible for the deaths of millions and even billions of rebellious humans, including men, women and children of of every race, language, and nationality on the earth. The scriptures were recorded to provide a roadmap for the plan of salvation for all mankind. It describes the decimation of the human population by warfare, plagues, famines, and the beasts of the earth. Sadly, most people scoff at the biblical projections that over one-third of the population of this planet will die while their leaders crawl into holes in the ground and call on the rocks to fall on them and hide them from the face of the returning Christ!

One reason the message is so widely rejected, is that among those who profess a form of godliness there is little power to actually live out what they claim to believe. Perhaps before any of us try to warn about the splinter in the eye of the world, we should fast and pray for the help to recognize and deal with the beam in our own eye. The apostle Paul asked, “Is Christ divided?” He did not ask because he was not certain of the answer. Rather, he was challenging his listeners–that includes us–to face up to the fact that if they are divided and fragmented against each other, then they cannot be a part of the body of the LORD, who is not divided! We have every reason to fear a civil conflict in America, when a very uncivil and destructive fire is burning down a religion in which each person feels entitled to do whatever seems right in their own eyes. Anyone who truly fasts to humble themselves before the LORD is eager to search for the mind of Christ, who said, “Not My will but yours be done.”

January 15, 2021

My wife, Tracy Glover, is battling physical weakness along with continuous nausea resulting from antibiotics used to overcome an infected abscess around the stent in her bile duct. The stent was opened with an internal stent and the flow appears to be restored from her liver to her gallbladder. Once the infection is under control, she will likely be sent to UAB for an endoscopic ultrasound to get a better look at the pancreatic cancer and the surrounding organs. Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.

January 13, 2021

Tracy was admitted to the hospital last night after another trip to the Emergency Room for pain relief. It appears that she is again becoming jaundiced, which indicates that the stent opening her bile duct may be blocked and needs to be replaced. She has been seen by additional doctors today who are consulting about the proper way forward at this time. Thank you for you continual prayers for strength and healing. May the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind increase as the flesh decreases.

January 12, 2021

The “two sexiest fat men alive” have recently been fielding responses to their statement that it is time for the ones who “lost” the last election to “move on.” Rick and Bubba maintain that there is no apparent alternative to accepting the fact that the Democrat party, and many establishment republican “Rinos,” successfully bamboozled the supporters of President Trump. Therefore, the best way forward is with a mind to resist all attempts at further enhancing the systemic political corruption in the United States of America. However, many seem to view this as another in an endless string of calls to surrender constitutional freedoms at the behest of feckless Republican “leaders” who do not suffer from the feeling of helplessness in many American hearts, and who even shamelessly profit from the capitulations they help engineer.

I have been pondering the biblical understanding of this concept of “moving on.” The first scripture that comes to mind is Luke 9:1-5 . . . shake the dust off your feet when moving on from any place where the word of God is not received. There is a day of judgment coming on all the world when wasted lives will be resurrected back to a mortal life. At that time, even the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (remember, they were burned to ash in a single night) will be more pliable than those who callously reject the Son of God and His true gospel message (Matthew 10:11-15).

America was once a nation with at least a veneer of biblical values giving a source of light to the city on a hill. Please notice that I did not say Christian values, since all-too-many acts done in the name of Christ have been completely unmoored from scripture and have been truly anti-Christ. Presently the nation is being relentlessly stripped of all honesty, integrity, and decency from the head to the feet, which are supposed to be shod with the gospel of peace. Her leaders are like the evening wolves who savage the people they swore to serve. They are the modern Pontius Pilates who declare, “What is truth,” and then industriously work to create their own self-serving reality. As a result, the United States is heedlessly following the destructive path of Babylon and every other failed empire of a history that is being systematically erased from the collective memory.

God’s true children are sternly warned to come out of her lest they join in her wicked ways and suffer the promised curses that are speedily overtaking her. It is clearly time to move on like the apostle Paul who told the Jews that since they had proven themselves unworthy of eternal life, he would go to the gentiles with the news of the way to salvation. Enough of the endless recitations of, “If My people . . .” It’s time for those who earnestly content for the faith to pray with a will, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” That is something that is well-worth moving on to!

January 12, 2021

Another day of trusting in the gracious will of our heavenly Father / Abba. Tracy is in the bed napping throughout the day. Clearly, there is no established pattern since we are in relatively uncharted waters. Thanks to all God’s children for their love and faithful prayers! The psalm of the good shepherd comes to mind: “The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for you are with me; your rod and staff comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies: you anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever!” Psalm 23

Please pray for Godly wisdom as we weigh the available options for dealing with the ongoing pain. Tracy may be advised to have her gallbladder removed or even to have a Whipple surgery, which includes the removal of the tumor, the head of the pancreas, the gallbladder, and the re-attaching of the bile duct. We need to first see the results of the tests on Monday

January 11, 2021

Tracy and I spent most of the day in a hallway of the Emergency Room at Baptist Health South here in Montgomery. She was experiencing the first serious pain in her upper abdomen. A CT scan and ultrasound did not give a lot of new information about her condition, but the medication did bring her pain down to a tolerable level. We don’t know whether the pain is originating in the gallbladder or the pancreas, or if it is caused by infection / inflammation in the area of the stent opening the bile duct. They did not send any prescription for pain medications to be used at home, since we are planning to meet with a primary physician or an oncologist. Tracy is sleeping soundly and not suffering as she was earlier in the day. Praise our Healer / Rapha and thanks for all the prayers ascending to the mercy seat in the heaven of heavens! He is the Rock on which we stand each day!

Thanks to the willing service of Richard and all those who joined in the Haggai 1:14 Fellowship, it went forward unhindered because it is not a work of man. Hallelujah!

January 6, 2021

A recent article about Oumuamua (a shiny asteroid) by Avi Loeb the chair of the Harvard Department of Astronomy suggests that this rock may be “trash” cast off by an alien species living somewhere in the universe. The name given to this object exposes the real desire of scientists to find evidence of alien life because in Hawaiian the name means “scout.” Therefore, in the words of Loeb this might be evidence that our terrestrial planet has been “monitored” and “visited” by aliens interested in the civilizations that have developed and occupied the earth. Human science believes in searching the vast reaches of space for knowledge about human origins and for opportunities to learn the keys to our survival or to have advance warning about threats to our continued existence.

I believe that we have definitely been monitored and visited by life forms that would be considered alien to this earth. These living beings are the original source of all life on our planet and in the universe. They are closely watching our struggles to become “more” than we can ever be in these limiting material bodies. The Bible boldly claims to reveal the eternal celestial beings who have been working from the “beginning” to bring many sons to glory! Paul spoke to the philosophers in Athens about the superstitious service towards many “gods” including an “unknown God” whom he stated is the Creator and Sustainer of the “cosmos” or universe. The source of Paul’s metaphysical knowledge is the revelation from the mind of the beings the world calls aliens because they do not believe in the reporting contained in the holy writings of prophets and seers that afford glimpses into the time before the recorded history of mankind. Therefore, they throw away the key to making sense of the accumulating scientific discoveries of astronomy, geology, and archaeology.

I challenge you to read these passages for insights into the interactions between our alien world and the true Source of light and life . . . John 1:1-18; Genesis 1:26-30; 2:7-9, 15-25; 3:1-24; 6:1-8; 8:15-22; 9:1-17; 11:1-9; 12:1-3; 14:18-20; 15:1-21; 16:7-14; 18:1-33; 19:1-29; 20:3-18; 21:1-7, 17-21; 22:1-19; 24:6-27, 40-67; 25:21-23; 26:1-5, 12-16, 23-33; 28:12-17 . . . Isaiah 14:12-15 . . . Ezekiel 28:11-19 . . . to be continued . . .

Stephen Glover (Pastor, The Living God Ministries)