Prayers & Updates

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Prayers & Updates

Emma Stallings: Please pray for God’s great mercy as she battles Covid-19 along with being on regular dialysis and other health problems. [January 14, 2021]

Andy & Linda Rowell: He is hospitalized in Birmingham with serious bleeding in his lungs and kidney failure. [January 14, 2021]

Day of Fasting on January 17th: Many are very troubled by the events unfolding in the United States and the world due to extreme social and political polarization. This was manifested in the riots in many cities over the past year and a relatively minor disturbance in Washington D.C. of recent date. The churches of God are asked to join in a day of expressing unity in humbling ourselves before the Creator and LORD for a day of fasting and praying. This is a very timely effort since the church commission is that of being a light of reconciliation and peace that the unbelievers might come to believe in the true way leading to everlasting life. Remember that to be heard at the mercy seat, we must follow the command to actively seek reconciliation with the earthly brethren before appearing in the presence of our holy Father in heaven! [January 13, 2021]

Aggie Jacques: Please pray for our dear sister in her ongoing health trials. She passed out and fell recently and struck her head, which has added to her pain. Let’s all lift up Aggie and Danny in our prayers and supplications. [January 13, 2021]

Tracy Glover: Today she entered into a time of serious pain in her ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. Please read the “Pastor Journal” on this site for more details. Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging words! [January 11, 2021]

Raymond Miller: He needs Godly support and direction in these days nearing the end of his human life. Ray is 88 and is experiencing stomach problems along with other symptoms of declining health and vitality. [January 10., 2021]

Phyllis Ford: Please pray for her grieving at the death of her husband Mike following a Covid-19 infection. They are members of our spiritual family in the Church of the Great God and good friends of Barbara Shanks. [January 10, 2021]

Rulers and Authorities: Let’s all begin and end with earnest prayers for those ruling in the governments of men. Even corrupt kings, like the one in Nineveh, heard and responded to the warning of Yahweh through the prophet Jonah. Instead of worrying over our human life in the hands of unsavory men and women, let’s rejoice in the indescribable peace of knowing our future is in the capable hands of a loving and eternal Father in the heavens. Hallelujah! [January 6, 2021]

Marcus Brown: He is asking for God’s chosen to pray for a refreshing of the spirit and a greater manifestation of the gifts of the Father. These include the word of wisdom; word of knowledge; faith; gifts of healing; miracles; prophecy; discerning of spirits; diverse kinds of tongues; and interpretation of tongues. Please let us all join in the effort to fervently finish the great work of God with power in these final days of man’s kingdoms. [January 6, 2021]

Kilgoris, Kenya: The ministry is preparing to send funds to Africa for the construction of a new school building and better toilet facilities. Please pray for continued provision and direction on the use of His resources. We are also preparing for an instructional conference through the internet at the end of January and into February. Pray for blessings on these efforts to serve our family in east Africa. [January 3, 2021]

Sharron Crowe: She has to remain apart from the brethren due to her breathing troubles. Please pray for relief from the nerve damage that is the cause of problems with the diaphragm and lungs. Remember Roy and Sharron both in this difficult time. [January 1, 2021]